DJ Katie Kace

  • DJ Katie Kace

    Deep House / Tech House / EDM / Electro-Pop / Pop-Trash / RnB / Fun Music

DJ Katie Kace’s biography

DJ Katie Kace started her life with music from the first day on! She was born in Vienna and raised up in Vienna and Manila with the influence of the Asian and Austrian culture. Her heroes are still Michael Jackson, Tina Turner and Queen!

Having a Filipino mum also means to raise with music, with a karaoke microphone and the music and chroeography of ABBA, Tina and Michael! Through her childhood she started to have a lot of singing and dacing acts in TV shows and other performances.

Her first years were inspired by travels through Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America and recognized then: “There are many places and many unique cultures, but rhythm music is connecting all of them and everything!”

Since 2000 she has been the organizer of the event group PiNKED (Las Chicas, G-Mix, Girls Pride Night, Vienna’s Hottest Affair, Zweigleisig, 1001 Night) and knows her crowd well. So she started in 2006 to stay behind the turn tables!
She started first in the RNB scene and changed very soon into the house and pop electro fun scene.

Her impulsive beats mixed with freak out hits and her feeling for the crowd brings every dancefloor to quake!
“Everyone loves a good combination of faboulous bass and the right kick!”

She played already at the most popular clubs in Vienna and in 2013 she started having international DJ gigs.

DJ Katie Kace’s club experience

8 Below / Munich, Germany
Akoya Dance Club / Palma de Mallorca
Atelier Kreta / Vienna
Aquapark / Palma de Mallorca
Belleville / Lesvos, Greece
Center Court Lounge / Hamburg, Germany
Club Dual / Vienna
China Lounge / Hamburg, Germany
Club U / Vienna
Como Club / Vienna
Dual / Vienna
Elysium / Vienna
Flamingo / Lesvos, Greece
Hazels / Manila, Philippines
Juicy Club / Hamburg, Germany
Kursalon / Vienna
La Nuit / Munich, Germany
Lunita / Palma de Mallorca
Market / Vienna
Marriot Hotel / Vienna
Opera / Vienna
Phoenix Club / LVL7 / Vienna
Pi Club / Vienna
Rathausplatz Vienna
Roots / Lesvos, Greece
Studio 54 / Vienna
Titanic Club / Vienna
Palais Auersperg / Vienna
S-Club / Vienna
Volksgarten Säulenhalle / Vienna
Volksgarten Pavillon / Vienna
Volkstheater / Vienna
Wirr Club / Vienna